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Ftenagia Restaurant - Halki

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The restaurant

The restaurant is located in the area called Ftenagia in Chalki and is operating since 1998. It started out as a cafeteria – bar, but it soon changed character after the persistent requests of the beach’s visitors.

In a pleasant and clean environment, you can enjoy a variety of Greek flavors, snacks ("meze") of excellent quality as well as local recipes that are often offered as "surprise dishes". Here you can enjoy your coffee or your drink looking out to the Aegean Sea and listening to the wonderful music of the waters splashing on the rocky coves.

The excellent quality, the friendly service and the logical prices have established its very good reputation over the past years.

Beside the sea you can enjoy Greek food (Chicken with tomato sauce, Stuffed tomato & pepper – Gemista, IMAM, Spaghetti from Chalki - traditional recipe with onions and feta cheese etc), grilled meats (steaks, hamburgers, souvlaki, sausages etc), sea food (octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp, sea salad, sea food saganaki etc) as well as a variety of delicacies. All cooked in our kitchen with a lot of love, good taste and attention to quality. (the menu)

The friendly personnel will make you feel at home and will make sure that you experience some beautiful times whilst there. When you leave Chalki and Ftenagia you will have surely made some new friendships and will have so many wonderful memories that it will be very difficult for you not to come back.